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The Coaches

Jared Scray

Coach Jared has trained for and completed everything from OCR events, trail and road running races (5k to 100 miles), along with high altitude treks and Expeditions throughout the Bolivian Andes.  His opened minded and diverse training methodology is customized to you by employing tried and true training methods and the unique "BluePrint Training Method", invented with a foundation in fundamental human movement patterns. 

As a certified personal trainer and weight loss consultant he can help you improve fitness, meet your performance,  health, and life goals, and go beyond.  You will also receive support to overcome mental hurdles, gain confidence, and avoid common pitfalls and injuries.

Your history, current abilities, lifestyle, and short and long-term goals will guide Coach Jared in tailoring a program fit for you.

Programs offered

Road and Trail Running- 5k to 100 miles+ (beginner to advanced)

Obstacle Course Races- Spartan, Warrior Dash, Mud Run, etc

"Blueprint" Training Programs

Expeditions or Adventure training

Team and sport specific training programs

Weight loss consultation

Some of Coach Jared's race results:


If there's something unique you don't see listed please email journeyrunnerscoach@gmail.com.  It's likely we can help.

Know no limits

Clint Cherepa

Coach Clint has been running and strength training for over 20 years. Competing in everything from 5K road races to 100 mile trail races.


He loves to motivate and train others to run almost just as much as he loves running itself. He believes that anyone can become a successful runner, if they have the right mindset and are given direction from the right person. Studying the art of running is one of his passions and he has consistently shared how to train successfully in a variety of running magazines.

 Clint  has coached other runners to their first 50 mile and 100 mile races. He believes that consistency and smart training is the key to success, and it is all the little steps that add up to reaching big goals. He is a firm believer in creating healthy habits and routines that help you run better.


Athletic nutrition and specific strength training for running are also his specialties. 


 Whether you are a newbie trying for your first 10K or marathon, a running veteran that wants to fine tune your training, or trying to tackle your first ultramarathon, Clint would love to help you reach your running, training and sports nutritional goals. 

Some of Coach Clint's race results: