Plans and pricing

Job Interview

Online One on One Coaching - $99/month (we recommend, but don't require a 3 month minimum-3 month plan - $250)



Access to Motivational and Q and A conferences with Coach Clint and Coach Jared

Regular Email, Text, or live communication to keep you motivated and on track

Weekly Customized Training Plan(s)

Nutritional tips and strategies for long term health and fitness results

Pre-race session with tips on pacing, fueling, and mental strategy

Post-race session for review of lessons learned and setting future goals

Life Coaching - $25 per 30mins or $99/monthly (4@30mins or 2@60mins + weekly email or text as needed)

Common Topics:

Stress-Career-Relationships-Spirituality-Developing good habits-Eliminating bad babits-Positive attitude-Simplifying Lifestyle-Supervising others-Public Speaking and Presentations-Organization



Online Consultation Subscription - $15/month

(Ideal for those who follow and create their own training plans and workout routines, but can use some weekly direction, tips, and reassurance along the way) 


Simple regular weekly consultations via email or text (client initiated) for guidance on meeting goals, identifying pitfalls in your training, or making slight adjustments as needed.  It's simple and easy to follow a free plan, but what does the app or plan tell you to do when you worked 12 stressful hours that day?  The unexpected travel that will take you out of your routine?  How about that niggle in your knee or calf, then what?  How many miles should you run that day?  You get the idea.  A few cents a day get you the motivation, guidance and support for reaching your health and fitness goals.